• courtney s. Avatar
    courtney s.

    my boyfriend was treated by Brian for about 5 sessions after a gym injury with his rib. he was extremely patient and attentive to my boyfriend's concerns and always made sure he was comfortable. after some sessions, he is feeling much better thanks to Brian's adjustments! i'm so glad to see how much more comfortable and happy again he is now.

  • Jeanne F. Avatar
    Jeanne F.

    Best hands on chiropractor in Tallahassee. I’ve been to 6 offices in 20 years. Dr Burnett knows exactly how to Take care of my spine and knee issues !👍

  • Brock B. Avatar
    Brock B.

    This place is awesome! It’s very clean and the care is amazing!

  • Michael H. Avatar
    Michael H.

    Dr. Burnett is a great chiropractor. I went in a mess, and he got me sorted out. Friendly staff, great doctor.

  • Price J. Avatar
    Price J.

    After 20ish years of lifting weights and now in my mid 40's I've found recovery and prevention are both key. Brian put together a knee decompression program that's provided me so much relief I feel like a new man in the gym! I would highly recommend this treatment before visiting an orthopedtist. Thanks Brian and Eric!

  • Madison R. Avatar
    Madison R.

    I came in for an adjustment at the new location, all I can say is what an amazing experience! Such an attentive staff, extremely friendly. They create a very comfortable environment for you to be able to voice your concerns. Dr. Burnett is dedicated to his craft and his passion shows through. He seems to always be looking for new ways to improve his clients experience. I always leave feeling relaxed and pain free. Thanks again!

  • LUKE H. Avatar
    LUKE H.

    Brian is extremely helpful and accommodating. He’s very knowledgeable and kind. I always leave feeling better! I can’t say enough great things about this business.

  • Jessica S. Avatar
    Jessica S.

    I recommend Dr. Brian Burnett because he is great at keeping my pain at bay with his knowledge of various modalities and adjustments. Dr. Burnett approaches each patient with a personal touch that is appreciated in a world of cold, static interactions. I have been to multiple chiropractors in Tallahassee and would recommend Dr. Burnett over all of them!

  • Steven G. Avatar
    Steven G.

    I found Dr. Burnett's Tallahassee Primary Spine Care while doing a google search. I was researching treatment for what felt like painful nerve shooting from my lower back through my hip into my knee joint. I opted for the special Dr. Burnett was offering ($49 at the time) for decompression therapy. The decompression therapy did give some relief on the first visit but it took about a month of twice weekly visits to get rid of almost 100% of the pain. I have been to several Chiropractors in my life (both here in Florida and the West coast) and found that the overall experience with Dr. Burnett has exceeded all the other Chiropractors I have used in the past. I think the combination of decompression therapy, adjustments, physical therapy as well as at home exercises (provided by Dr. Burnett) did the trick on my aches and pains. I literally went from being in so much pain that I had to use my left foot on the gas pedal when driving (as my right knee was in so much pain) to walking around with little to no pain. Thank you Dr. Burnett and the staff at Tallahassee Primary Spine Care!

  • Libby W. Avatar
    Libby W.

    Dr. Burnett got me in a state of utter agony and was able to relieve my pain in no time! I have found over time that he has a natural talent for finding those tight areas and unwinding them. So professional, always offering a special exercise to help with aches and pains. They offer a delightful warm auto-massage table prior to the adjustment. The office is bright and clean and the staff is friendly and efficient. They have a new patient special (see the photo). They also have a new patient referral promotion.